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About Us

Bringing Original Korean Taste to indonesia

Hansik is a professional sauce manufacturer with experience and know-how in supplying sauces to dozens of brands and 350 branches in Korea since 2018. Based on this experience, we have entered Indonesian market together with several Korean chefs, are making various Korean flavors from most of local materials & ingredients.


We hope that the sauce made with our know-hows will satisfy customers who visit the store and help your business by simplifying the manufacturing process of restaurants.

We are currently distributing sauce through various routes, starting with delivery to several offline stores.

Our Brands

Hansik Logo.png

Improve your Business with Simple Core Sauces

Hansik (한식 1번가)

Offers you various Korean cuisine with simple sauce and recipe

which will help business owners to create Best quality of Original Korean taste menu with Lower cost(COGS efficiency)

and  Easy process (5 Min recipe) 

Logo Sujefruit2.png

100% Freshly Handmade Preserved Fruit

SU-JE FruitFruit (수제 프룻프룻)

Fruit Tea made without artificial syrup that is much healthier

and fresh which can be used on Tea, Ades, Mocktail, Cocktail, Desserts and many more.

Also Great option for Gift to your lovers

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